1. Happy Long Run Wednesday!

    Marathon training update:

    Well, 2 1/2 weeks away from the marathon! I have had a little cold/allergy and was a little depleted today for my long run. Probably have not been drinking enough water. I think I have possibly found a winner for my fuel during the race, though!

    A good friend of mine suggested Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. I tested them today. I ate them every thirty minutes with 6-7 ounces of water. They were easy on my stomach, and a quick release of energy. Another positive, is that they are neatly packaged for easy transport.

    The peanut butter rice balls are a little messier. I really like them on the day that I make them, but the rice starts getting hard the next day. I don’t think they will be practical for me to take or make for the race. Another option I am considering is making them with puffed rice, which may eliminate the consistency issue.

    As far as hydration, I tried Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator the other day. It is more of an acquired taste that I may revisit after the marathon. So, my plan is to alternate water when I eat the bunnies with the lemon lime Gatorade provided on the course. That will be one less thing to carry, and I know my stomach can handle it. I generally lean towards fruit punch or orange, but am not opposed to lemon lime. I do think I will get some for these last couple of weeks of running.

    My legs feel good. The left ankle is still a little weak, but continues to get stronger. When I stop to refuel, the ankle alphabet and circles, along with quad stretching leave me feeling refreshed. I think stopping for a minute to reset is invaluable.

    I am approaching this marathon as if I am doing nine 30 minute repeats. That makes me feel much more relaxed about this endeavor. I am stopping doing research on the best approach at this point. I start overthinking everything. Bottom line, I am born to run and I am ready for this! Run happy!


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