1. Marathon Training Update: Change of Plans!

    I had just completed week 12 of my training program on track to run St. Louis in October. It is our busiest time of year with the guide service and I was feeling a little guilty not taking the babes. Jamie and I had talked about taking a family trip to visit the City Museum and Zoo. Also, Jamie is working on a fixie bike project that he plans to take so that he can ride along on the marathon. He was pushing it to get it ready. 

    So, I checked the marathon schedule and landed on New Orleans in January! We are going to add a little redfishing after the race. I can’t wait! 

    Now, I am on week one of my training program! My long run was 6 miles this week. That seems so short! My legs feel awesome! I am a little tired, but more due to lack of sleep from early morning wake-ups usually from my 6 year old, but if she doesn’t then one of my four leg family members steps in! Hopefully, I can start getting full nights of sleep! That would benefit my training tremendously. 

    With the change of plans, it gives me more time to crack the fuel code. I am running out of gas on my long runs, and I am also getting nauseated towards the end. I am a big baby when it comes to nausea, so I really want to figure out something that will work! I am going to try having a variety in my waist pack. I have noticed that towards the end, even the thought of pretzels turn my stomach. 

    I have been craving Mountain Dew (only during long runs) and am contemplating having one while running. I have been drinking it after a run, which has helped revive me and get rid of the nausea. (On a side note, it has 77g of sugar! I thought it was a misprint! Ugh!) I can’t seem to tolerate Gatorade and other electrolyte replacement drinks. I definitely need to have more than water while running. 

    I am also going to look at what I am eating the few days before long runs. I have not really loaded up with carbs previously, and I feel like this might help. I definitely have some research to do! 

    I would love to know from other runners what you are consuming before during and after your long runs! Please contact me through the blog or outdoorkidsplay on Twitter, Instagram and facebook. I look forward to hearing from you! As always, run happy!

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  3. Magical afternoon.

    There is always time for this.

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  5. Tall Trees.

    Where will the weekend take you? Outdoors, I hope! Hope you have a great one!

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  7. Great knot to learn!

    (Source: tumblr.com)

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  9. Broken Chains, Blisters, and Lost Toenails, Oh My!

    You may think from the title, she’s had a couple of rough weeks of marathon training. Not so, just some minor maintenance issues. The chain had me off the bike for a little over a week. I had to order the chain, so that delayed getting it replaced. As for the blisters and actually one lost toenail, those did not slow me down. The blisters are now healing and the toenail is slowly growing back. Other than that, I have been running injury free.

    My main focus has been getting the long run done, usually on Monday. Everything else seems to revolve around that. The last few weeks have been 10, 15, and then 16 miles earlier this week. Haven’t checked the schedule, but I think I’ll be running 17 on Monday. The 10 mile was tough mainly because of the heat. I don’t recall ever sweating so much! On all runs, the last 1-2 miles have been a struggle. I had been a little frustrated with how slow I am running, wondering if I can even get a sub 5 pace for the race. I do test my speed from time to time. It is still there, but doesn’t really come through on these long runs. A friend gave me a good tip:
    ” Just get through the distance, the speed will follow.” This has helped me regain my perspective. Even though I have been a runner for over 20 years, I am incredible new to marathons and really long distance running. Still not sure if a sprinter can transform into a marathon runner!

    As for the rest of the week, I have been getting 1-2 medium bikes, 1-2 3 mile tempo runs, indoor barefoot form running, yoga, and have now resumed Pilates. Even though I probably should be getting a little more mileage each week, this formula has been working as far as staying healthy. I think I will stick to it. Once I start the taper on my long runs the last few weeks, I will probably increase those shorter runs to where they should be.

    Refueling is still up in the air. My stomach is dictating my choices. For awhile, the pretzels seemed to work, but they are not enough as I go longer. I tried the sticky bites portables (rice, bittersweet chocolate chips). I handled these well. I think what I am noticing is that I may need a variety. That last part of the run, I am getting a little nauseated and not really wanting to eat what I have—wishing that I had something else. I am still drinking only water. I need to figure out something that my stomach will tolerate. I am not sure whether or not I will take the enduralytes as I did in the last marathon. I will start figuring this out this week and hopefully have enough time to get it finalized before the race.

    My refuel of choice after my long runs has been a Mountain Dew and a plain hamburger. This is bizarre, but I feel like a champ after consuming it. I never drink anything carbonated, much less anything loaded with sugar. I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, but do not consume very much red meat. So very sorry cows, but that is what I have been craving. Hoping that will change!

    As always, run happy!

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  11. Have a super weekend! And by all means, get outside!

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  13. jrouse-guide-shack:

    Great article on JRFFA in the September issue of Desoto Magazine! http://issuu.com/desotomagazine/docs/desoto_september_2014/62#

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  15. Labor Day Fun

    Everyone, including Capt. Rouse, had a day off so we made a quick trip to Batesville to have some lunch and park fun! The park is on the bank of the White River and the kids had a blast! Happy Labor Day everyone!

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  17. Trout.

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  19. fayettechillco:

    Let this be your inspiration to explore and appreciate your surroundings this weekend.

    Shot by Jeff Rose, located on the Buffalo River.

    (via arkansaslife)

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