1. Weekly Training Update

    Since last post, I ran a faster than goal marathon pace 5 miles and then a quick 3 miles the next night. The 3 ended up being quicker as a result of an adrenaline rush due to a near collision with an extremely large buck! I have adjusted my training program to one with less miles. I am feeling more energized, so I know that was the right decision.

    Kicked off the week with a 10 mile run —my last day at age 40! Today was a little cross training, which felt great after the 10 yesterday. The only mild injuries that have ensued are the result of refueling. I am having some technical difficulties with the camelbak. I couldn’t get much water to come out, so my mouth was really sore the next day as a result. I also stabbed the roof of my mouth with the corner of a wheat thin. No more sharp cornered snacks for me! Now, I have too much water coming out of the camelbak, so it looked like I wet my pants after the bike ride. Felt good though on a hot day!

    I continue with yoga, Pilates,  and 10 minute barefoot runs sprinkled in during the week which helps with recovery and form.

    As always, run (and ride) happy!

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  3. Colorado sky.

    I just could not get enough of it while we were there. Absolutely amazing.

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  5. goodbyeburgers222:

    no bake energy bites! 1 cup oatmeal, 1/3 cup honey, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, and 1/3 cup flax seed. so so so good and healthy! I could eat these forever!

    I’m always looking for a high energy snack, especially during periods of intense training. When they involve chocolate and peanut butter, even better!

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  7. "The world is big, and I want to take a good look at it before it gets dark." —John Muir

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  9. Marathon Training Update

    Summer has been tough to stay on schedule with kids out of school, but have kept up with my long runs. Last week was 11 miles and this week will be 12. Using the GPS watch and camelbak. The jury is still out on the camelbak. I may switch to a waist pack that has a water bottle, but need to try a few more long runs before I decide.

    The GPS has been an eye opener. I thought I was going much faster than I actually have been. Anyway, that has prompted me to incorporate some speed work. Yesterday, I did mile repeats at faster than my goal marathon pace. I will also do 3 mile runs at faster than marathon pace. I will continue with hill work. The speed work has been refreshing. I have actually been sore, which tells me that I had totally gotten into a rut with my same slow pace.

    I also still plan to cross train with the bike. It did not make the cut on the Colorado trip due to space, but I think I can still benefit with the time left before St. Louis in October.

    I am really focusing on nutrition—choosing more quality foods that are high in energy. My favorites being spinach, bananas, almonds, and whole grain pasta. I am trying to limit my coffee intake to just the morning cup. I had added one in the evening, which made it tougher to go to sleep.

    As always, run happy!

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  11. Trail Blazer.
    What trails did you blaze this weekend?

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  13. Running Tip

    A good way to improve performance as a distance runner is to incorporate interval work into your training. Here are a few sample workouts:

    -3 miles at 75 to 80 % max heart rate. Work up to 7 or 8 miles.

    -Mile repeats at 75-80 % max heart rate with 1 min. rest. (4-6 reps).

    -Long slow distance of 12 -16 miles with 2 mile intervals at 75-80 % max heart rate every 4 miles.

    As always, run happy!

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  15. Park Day in Black and White

    Fairy princesses, pirate ships, and dinosaurs—a child’s imagination has no limits.

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  17. Fished the home waters today.

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  19. Colorado Adventure Part 3

    After we left Eagle Rock Ranch, we headed to Steamboat Springs. What fun! We saw Herb’s new shop right along the Yampa River and then headed to the Rec Center, which is a pool they built around the hot springs. This was a huge hit for all of us, especially Little Man and Little Miss. We then set up camp in the Flattops Wilderness Area. This time we were in White River National Forest at Shepherd’s Rim. The first part of our trip in the Flattops was in Routt National Forest at Bear Lake. Both were spectacular. Jamie and I both agreed that it was hands down the most beautiful drive leaving us speechless at times (which is tough to do). It was pretty remote with numerous signs warning about the risks of camping in the wilderness. That did give me pause a couple of times along the way as we were not seeing another human in site for miles at a time!

    While we camped we enjoyed great food around the campfire. And by the way, my great idea of the alternative nutella s’more  to avoid chocolate at night time did not happen. We had traditional s’mores. The second night, Allie told me she did not want s’mores, just straight up chocolate. Since we were on vacation, I let it happen. 

    We hiked to Trappers Lake, which was the longest and toughest hike to date we have done with the kids. They were amazing! Little Man, aka Trail Blazer, led the way running most of the time. I’m pretty sure he could run a 5k right now at age 3. He was barefoot a lot of the time, making this minimalist runner very proud! Little Miss, aka the Little Sherpa, carried my North Face pack which was a little on the big side. She was so diligent keeping up with everything and wore the pack most of the way. She also did quite a bit of the trail barefoot.

    After camping in the Flattops, we headed to Idaho Springs. We enjoyed some authentic Mexican and hand dipped ice cream. There was a cool park in town along Clear Creek with slides, monkey bars, and climbing walls. We then started making our way back to Arkansas. What an unforgettable trip this was. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

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